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The Light of Christ


Prophets and visionaries throughout history, as well as millions of people who have had a so-called near death experience (NDE), have consistently reported experiencing God as light – light that is qualitatively and quantitatively different from the light we ordinarily see.

Many of them, including Augustine of Hippo, Hildegard of Bingen, and Joseph Smith, have reported seeing and/or traversing a “conduit” or “tunnel” to a realm of light and love where they met a being of light (Christ), or whereby their visions have occurred.

Please have a look around. On the “Articles” page you’ll find an article on science and the Light of Christ in the Genesis creation story, and one on modern science in the Book of Abraham. Feel free to download, enjoy, and share them. I think you will find them “enlightening.” 


Then, if you like the free article, and for much more Light, visit the “Faith and Physics" page on Amazon. 

Note: Don’t worry about the “M” word (math). There is none here or in the book!

"I am the Light of the world"

Jesus Christ claimed to be Light. He meant it literally.

With a basic understanding of the scientific properties of light, conflicts disappear and faith and science are seen to support and enrich each other.

Faith and Physics

Please enlighten me, what's in "F & P"?

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Examining Christian faith in terms of the scientific properties of light provides answers to many of the deepest mysteries of God. It also resolves the perceived conflicts between science and religion.


For example, re-examining the biblical creation story in terms of science and the Light of Christ, it becomes clear that the first chapter of Genesis is actually a metaphor for the creation of the universe that tracks well with science’s Big Bang model. Details of the physical and spiritual creations then come into sharp focus, and anachronisms disappear. Even the “fall of Adam” is explained by the science of light.

How do the properties of light reconcile science and faith? What do the NDE "tunnel," and the visionary "gateway" or "conduit" have in common with Albert Einstein’s discoveries? What are consciousness and love in terms of science and the Light of Christ? Find the answers to these and many other mysteries in “F and P”!


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About Me

Or, How "F & P" Came to Be

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I’m an engineer with a background in physics, math, and of course, engineering.  And now that I’m retired, I find myself with a second career as a writer.  I’m also a yogi, meaning I’ve had a long-term meditation practice, and I’m an elder in my church. I’m also a father, grandfather, and great grandfather to a clan of 21 who affectionately call me Papa Joe.

I’ve had an interest in the subject of science and religion for many years. A while back I started to see many surprising connections between them. Insights began coming to me more or less randomly, and I started keeping notes so I wouldn’t forget. After a while I began to feel a desire to share what I had been learning, and I pondered for about three years how to do so, until I finally decided only a book would do. There followed three and a half years of research and writing, then another year and a half of refining what I had written. The result, “Faith and Physics,” is the most insightful book you will ever read on the subject of science and spirituality.